About Us

Group Of Runners Jogging Through Park

Hello, and welcome to Trans Jock. We are a group of men and women from our community that believe in living a healthy lifestyle that includes working out regularly and eating a fresh diet that includes no trans fats.

Trans fats are killing us here in the United States. So much of what the average American eats includes this disgusting additive. Almost every fast food joint around cooks their food in oils that are loaded with trans fat. Even the freezer meals you buy at the store use trans fats as a preservative.

Our main goal on this site is to bring healthy eating to the forefront of the minds of Americans and help them to see what trans fats are and what they do to their bodies. Hopefully, with education, we can turn this nation’s problems with obesity upside down and become a country with a brighter, healthier future.

If you have any questions about what trans fat is, how to eat healthier, or any other subject matter pertaining to trans fats, please contact us so we can address your questions or concerns.